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Parent & Players SA Elite Volleyball Tournaments
Updated 1-9-17 (subject to change)

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Pools will be posted by Wednesday evening on AES.


Date          Tournament Name                                    Schedule                  Location                                                      Results

12/17/16     SA Elite #1 – Winter Show Down           14s                           Superior Sports Center                               Final Results

                                                                                                                      Parking Rules

                                                                                                                      Tournament Rules

1/21/17       SA Elite #2 – Cool Challenge                 15s & 16s                San Antonio College Map                           Final Results

                                                                                                                      Tournament Rules

1/28/17       SA Elite #3 –  Top Spin                            12s                          San Antonio College Map                          Final Results

                                                                                                                      Tournament Rules

2/4/17         SA Elite #4 – Valentine Victory              17s & 18s                 San Antonio College Map                         Final Results

                                                                                                                      Tournament Rules

2/11/17       SA Elite #5 - All The Way                         13s                          Alamo Sports Complex                             Final Results

                                                                                                                      Tournament & Facility Rules

3/4/17         SA Elite #6 – March Smack Down          11s                          Holy Cross High School                           Final Results

                                                                                                                     Tournament & Facility Rules

3/18/17       SA Elite #7 – Block Party                        11s & 12s                Holy Cross High School                           Final Results

                                                                                                                     Tournament & Facility Rules

4/1/17         SA Elite #8 – April Fools                         12s & 13s               13s @ Holy Cross High School                Final Results

                                                                                      SAEVB Rules

                                                                                                                     12s & 13s @ Superior Sports

                                                                                                                      Parking Map


                                                                                                                     12s @ Tiger Sports Complex, Seguin

4/8/17         SA Elite #9 – April Fever                         11s & 12s               Holy Cross High School

                                                                                                                     Tournament & Facility Rules

                                                                                                                     Tiger Sports Complex, Seguin


5/13/17       SA Elite #10 – Finish Strong                  11s & 12s               Holy Cross High School

                                                                                                                     Tournament & Facility Rules

      SA Elite Hosted Tournaments
 (make tournament fee payable to GAME ON SPORTS)

Please register team - CLICK HERE


Please do NOT ask to enter early.  Plan ahead if you need to change or use the restroom.

We will be using various gyms throughout the San Antonio AREA, please check above for locations.

Please READ the following FACILITY RULES, before paying to enter, once you've paid to enter, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules.

*  Absolutely NO Food or Drinks (including Gatorade in the Building).
*  Water only in a water bottle or sports bottle allowed. (no to go cups or coffee cups permitted).
*  No GUM Allowed in the facility.
**  Should you violate any of the above rules or behave in an unruly or unsportsmanlike conduct, you are
     subject to be ejected from the facility and possibly face further reprimand from the Lone Star Region
    as well as your club being fined $100.

*  As a COURTESY, we issue wrist bands that you may use to leave and re-enter the facility, these wrist bands
   should be put on your wrist immediately before entering the gym and must be worn on your wrist at all
   times, it may not be placed on a bag or in your pocket.
*  You must show your wrist band each time you enter, please do not expect us to remember you or require us 
   to ask you to show your wrist band each time you enter. 
*  Players & Coaches will be admitted 30 minutes before the 1st Game, followed by spectators that have exact   
   change.  Those spectators that require change will be admitted after those that have exact change have  
   entered.  (This speeds up the entry process for all) 
*  All spectators should BRING a chair, there is NO spectator seating provided.
*  Team tables, canopies and tents are allowed at some facilities. 
Please make sure to keep your area clean.
*  Athletes / Teams should be prepared and bring their own First Aid Kits, Band aids, wraps and instant ice, there is not a trainer on duty. 

**  There are some spirit items for sale and sometimes outside vendors on hand to sell their merchandise.  There is a small concession stand with sodas, candy and snacks (these items must be consumed in the foyer or outside and may NOT be taken into the gym). 

                $5(13 and up)  $3 (4-12 years old) Free (3 and under)   
Spectators prepared with exact change will enter after players & coaches.

Thank you for entering one of our tournaments. We try to provide a safe environment along with quality games, while  keeping the PLAYERS a priority. We will be awarding 1st, in each pool if there is not crossover or bracket play or 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals in tournaments with crossover (depending on schedule and gym availability). We will also make sure that every player on the team gets a medal. 

Please note, these tournaments are first come first serve. Having your entry fee in by the deadline does not guarantee admission into the event. Due to the limits on volleyball court availability, we may be hosting the tournaments at various locations throughout San Antonio. There will be a Spectator Fee; $3 for 13 & over & $2 for children 5-12. We ask that you help to maintain the cleanliness of the facilities; "leave it better than you found it". 

To enter a tournament please register on AES, and send tournament fee (check made out to Game On Sports) along with your Lone Star Roster Form or an official roster to:

Game On Sports
attn: Reno Puente

5410 King Richard
San Antonio, TX 78229

For questions you can email: [email protected] or phone: (210)789-7366.